C4 Training Group provides training for those citizens who would like to apply for the ACHP. We provide the training, assist in the paperwork, and do the fingerprinting. All you will need to do is submit your forms, fingerprint cards, and $88.25 to the State of Alaska.

One unique thing about our class is you will also earn the NRA Basic Pistol Certificate. This certificate can be used in other states that may require a nationally recognized pistol course for their Concealed Handgun License.

This is perfect for those who are military and move often. Alaska’s laws do not prohibit anyone 21 or older who may legally possess a firearm from carrying it concealed or open. A firearms permit is not required.

Several states have provisions that allow 18-21 year olds to have concealed carry permits. Those permits do not override Alaska laws, and a person under 21 is NOT allowed to carry a concealed handgun in Alaska.

The Alaska Concealed Handgun Permit (ACHP) is only available to Alaska residents who choose to obtain a concealed carry permit.

The Department of Public Safety works with other states to establish reciprocal agreements to recognize and honor the ACHP in those other states. Currently, there are 38 other states that recognize the ACHP.

The ACHP is approved by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives as an alternative to the point-of-sale NICS background check. Applicants and ACHP holders may request their permit be labeled “NICS Exempt” by completing the NICS supplement. In most cases, this will expedite your purchase or transfer of a firearm.

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